Data Sheets

  1. Streamlined Transfer of High-parameter Flow Cytometry Panel from Cell Analyzer to Cell Sorter Prior to In-Depth Single-Cell Multiomic Analysis of Murine Lymphocyte Subpopulations
    • A complete solution for high-parameter flow cytometry, cell sorting and single-cell multiomics research
  2. Leveraging the Power of High-Parameter Cell Sorting and Single-Cell Multiomics to Profile Intratumoral Immune Cells in a Model of B-cell Lymphoma
    • BD FACSymphony™ S6 Cell Sorter and BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System enable a comprehensive analysis of cell composition in the tumor microenvironment
  3. Assessing Tumor-Driven Perturbations During Hematopoiesis in a Melanoma Mouse model Through Single-Cell Multiomic Analysis
    • Using the BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter to simultaneously isolate four rare cell populations
  4. Exploring Tumor Heterogeneity of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia using Single Cell Multiomics
  5. Resolving Human Circulating Innate Lymphoid Cell Heterogeneity using Advanced Single Cell Multiomic Analysis
  6. A Comprehensive Characterization of Regulatory T Cells Using BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System
  7. Assessing Obesity-Induced Inflammation in Mice Through Single Cell Multiomics Analysis
  8. Single-cell T cell receptor repertoire analysis of sorted γδ T cells using the BD Rhapsody™ TCR/BCR Multiomic Assay
    • Identification of paired, full-length γδ T cell receptor sequences and in-depth analysis of γδ T cell receptor clonal expansion in a latent tuberculosis (TB) donor
  9. Comparative analysis of CITE-seq on the BD Rhapsody™ and 10X Genomics Chromium Single-Cell Analysis Systems
    • We demonstrate that AbSeq on the BD Rhapsody™ System has superior resolution to TotalSeq™ Antibodies on the 10X Genomics Chromium platform in an experiment comparing CITE-seq performance using two PBMC donors, controlling for antibody concentration and staining volume.
  10. Unlock new research applications with the BD Rhapsody™ HT Single-Cell Analysis System
    • Single-cell analysis technologies are essential to understand the intricacies and heterogeneity of cellular populations. What influences your workflow decisions in single-cell experiments?
  11. Introducing the BD Rhapsody™ 8-Lane Cartridge
    • The BD Rhapsody™ 8-Lane Cartridge features an expanded 8-lane design using the same gentle and robust microwell technology
  12. BD Rhapsody™ HT Single-Cell Analysis System 
    • The BD Rhapsody™ HT Single-Cell Analysis System allows flexible sample processing and cell capture of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of single cells using a gentle and robust microwell-based cartridge technology and multitier barcoding system enabled by the BD Rhapsody™ Enhanced Bead Reagent Kit.
  13. BD® OMICS-Guard Sample Preservation Buffer 
    • Here, we present a trio of illustrative datasets showing the versatile applications of the BD® OMICS-Guard Buffer. These datasets encompass (1) a comprehensive CITE-seq experiment with two different sample types conducted on the BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System; (2) utilization of the BD® OMICS-Guard Buffer to preserve protein epitopes for flow cytometry analyses; and (3) detailed qPCR analyses.