Single Cell Sample Prep and Preservation(using BD® OMICS-Guard) Protocols

Preparing Single Cell Suspensions

  • This protocol describes the preparation of single-cell suspensions of commonly used immune cell types. A single cell suspension can be loaded into a BD Rhapsody™ Cartridge. This protocol does not describe tissue dissociation.
    • Doc ID: 23-24126(02)
    • Revision date: 11/2022

Preserving Single Cell Suspensions and Tissues with BD® OMICS-Guard Sample Preservation Buffer

  • The BD® OMICS-Guard Sample Preservation Buffer offers a simple solution for biological sample preservation to provide flexibility when samples cannot be processed at the same time or need to be transported between study sites. With this one-step buffer, you can trust that your samples will remain intact for up to 72 hours, with the integrity of both RNA and protein information preserved—no more sample degradation worries that affect your research.
  • Doc ID: BD-110472 (v1.0) 1223
  • Revision date : 12/2023