Technical Bulletins

Technology Bulletins Released for Rhapsody Products:

  1. Ordering Additional Indexes for Rhapsody
    • Index primers are used to uniquely label individual libraries so that multiple libraries can be sequenced in a single Illumina® sequencing run. This technical bulletin provides quick guides and instructions for ordering additional indexing primers for BD Rhapsody™ Sequencing Libraries.
    • Doc ID: 23-22747-00
    • Revision date: 06/2020
  2. How to Operate the BD Rhapsody™ Targeted Analysis VDJ CDR3 Pipeline
    • This technical bulletin is a supplement to the BD® Single-Cell Multiomics Bioinformatics Handbook and provides a step-by-step instructions on how to operate the BD Rhapsody Targeted Analysis VDJ CDR3 Pipeline.
    • Doc ID: 23-22817-00
    • Revision date: 07/2020
  3. Processing nuclei samples on the BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System
    • In this technical bulletin, we show how isolated nuclei can be captured and amplified on the BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System.
    • Doc ID: 23-23161-00
    • Revision date: 10/2020
  4. Co-staining cells with fluorescent antibodies and BD Oligo-Conjugated Antibodies
    • Here, we address how to co-stain cells with the same clone of both fluorescent antibodies and oligonucleotide-conjugated antibodies (BD® Single-Cell Multiplexing Kit or BD® AbSeq Ab-Oligos).
    • Doc ID: 23-23247-00
    • Revision date: 03/2021
  5. Integration of the Element AVITITM System with BD RhapsodyTM Single-Cell Assays creates a powerful solution for the immuno-oncology researcher
    • In this application note, we show compatibility of Element’s novel sequencing system with BD RhapsodyTM Single-Cell Assays.
    • Doc ID: BD-63787 (v1.0)
    • Revision date: 10/2022
  6. Highly scalable and more sensitive CRISPR screens using the BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System
    • This study showcases an efficient approach based on Aelian’s well-established CROP-seq workflow in combination with the targeted single-cell RNA sequencing assay on the BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System. Targeted sequencing lowers the cost and at the same time enhances the sensitivity of the experiment, enabling the detection
      of more subtle transcriptomic phenotypes.
    • Revision date: 08/2023
  7. BD Rhapsody™ HT Express 8 lane vs single lane cartridge 
    • The BD Rhapsody™ HT Xpress System is a higher-throughput system that leverages our proprietary, gentle, and robust microwell single-cell partitioning technology to perform single-cell analysis. It offers the same performance as the BD Rhapsody™ Express System and features a flexible cartridge design with the ability to run up to eight times the number of lanes at once in the same amount of time as the BD Rhapsody™ Express System.
    • Doc ID : BD-85233 (v1.0) 0623
    • Revision date: 08/2023

    8.  Sequences of Oligonucleotides in BD Rhapsody™ Library Reagent Kits

  • BD Rhapsody™ Kits and BD® Single-Cell Multiplexing Kits include several primers used in BD Rhapsody Library preparation. This technical bulletin consolidates the sequences into tables which can be used to identify relevant sequences for specific applications.
  • Doc ID : 23-22746-00
  • Revision date: 2020