1. BD™ Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System
    • A robust, high-throughput microwell based single-cell partitioning system for reliability in single-cell workflows
    • Doc Number: BD-28693 (v1.0) 0321
  2. BD™ Single Cell Multiomics Portfolio Brochure
    • The BD Rhapsody™ portfolio of products helps you answer biological questions with a sensitive, targeted approach to single-cell analysis. Researchers can interrogate gene expression from hundreds to tens of thousands of single cells from one or multiple samples simultaneously.
  3. Human Immune Response Panel Brochure
    • Targeted human immune gene panel for the BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System.
    • Doc Number: BDGM1013 Rev.2
  4. Onco-BC Panel Brochure
    • Targeted breast cancer gene panel for the BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System.
    • Doc Number: BDGM1015 Rev.2
  5. T-Cell Panel Brochure
    • Targeted T-cell gene panel for the BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System.
    • Doc Number: BDGM1016 Rev.2
  6. Mouse Immune Response Panel Brochure
    • Targeted human immune gene panel for the BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System
    • Doc Number: BDGM1014 Rev.2
  7. WTA Amplification Kit Brochure
    • BD Rhapsody Whole Transcriptome Analysis (WTA) kit enables unbiased 3'-sequence capture and detection of transcriptomes at single cell level.
    • Doc Number: 23-21691-00
  8. BD™ Abseq antibody-oilgo conjugates Brochure
    • BD™ AbSeq antibody-oligonucleotides conjugates leverage oligonucleotide sequencing to attain high-parameter protein detection for multiomic analysis at the single-cell level. This new technology enables researchers to simultaneously detect protein and mRNA expression in the same experiment.
    • Doc Number: 23-20833-00
  9. Intracellular CITE-seq Assay using BD AbSeq Antibody-OligosBD™ Abseq antibody-oilgo conjugates Brochure
    • CITE-seq facilitates understanding of cell heterogeneity and single-cell phenotyping primarily focusing on cell surface protein expression.1 CITE-seq with insights into intracellular protein expression (intracellular CITE-seq or IC CITE-seq) enables a more comprehensive view of biological drivers of cellular functions and signaling responses. The Intracellular CITE-seq Assay using BD® AbSeq Antibody-Oligos offers a complete solution for whole transcriptome and surface and intracellular protein detection with a validated protocol and intuitive bioinformatics pipeline for data analysis.
    • Doc Number: BD-110471
  10. BD™ Single-Cell Multiplexing Kits Brochure
    • Single cell RNA-seq library preparation can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Using the BD™ Single-Cell Multiplexing Kits, one can add more samples from a study on a single run for a more controlled experiment.
    • Doc Number: 23-21318-00
  11. BD™ AbSeq Immune Discovery Panel
    • Uncover up to 30 immune markers in a single experiment.
    • Doc Number: 23-23555-00
  12. Cell sorting enables in-depth deconvolution of cell subsets and identification of rare cell populations using single-cell multiomics
    • Comparison of unsupervised clustering between unsorted and sorted samples highlights the benefits of cell sorting for downstream single-cell multiomic analysis
    • Doc Number: BD-21436-00 (0920)
  13. BD Rhapsody™ HT Single-Cell Analysis System 
    • Answer your biological questions and have confidence in every experiment with the BD Rhapsody™ HT Single-Cell Analysis System
    • Doc Number: BD-80577 (v1.0) 0323
  14. BD® OMICS-Guard Sample Preservation Buffer Product Information Sheet
    • The BD® OMICS-Guard Sample Preservation Buffer offers a simple solution for biological sample preservation to provide flexibility when samples cannot be processed at the same time or need to be transported between study sites. With this one-step buffer, you can trust that your samples will remain intact for up to 72 hours, with the integrity of both RNA and protein information preserved—no more sample degradation worries that affect your research.
    • Doc Number: BD-110472